About us

We’re here to change the FitTech landscape and create a whole new digital fitness experience

Morla Moves is a Netherlands-based start-up aiming to move globally. Our journey began in January 2021, while talking about our New Year’s resolutions. That day, we decided to make the whole world move and make a difference in the FitTech industry. The idea developed quickly, and we are now working on smart technology that will make physical activity and fitness fun, effective and safe for users. 


Morla Team


Ozlem Mertoglu

Co-Founder - CEO

Hakan Mertoglu

Co-Founder - COO

Alp Capanoglu

Co-Founder - CTO

Team Members

Buğra Tunçer

Front-End Team Lead

Yağmur Mavruk

Artificial Intelligence Team Lead

Hasan Bihan

Front-End Developer

Melih Karatekin

Full Stack Developer

Adem Ay

UI / UX Designer